5 Reasons You Should Run Facebook Ads

1. That’s where people spend their time.

Did you know that people spend nearly half their day online? With 1.47 billion people logging in daily (and counting), Facebook is still one of the most effective media channels. Facebook users actually do engage with advertisers and click on average 8 ads per month. 

2. Organic is an uphill battle you’ll never win.   

Organic (or non-paid) posts on Facebook have become less and less effective. In 2018, Facebook made yet another algorithm update that deprioritized business pageso users would see more content from their family and friends. That means as a business, it’s even harder to reach and engage your target audience – that iswithout paying. 

3. It has effective targeting options.  

Facebook offers advertisers a variety of targeting options to help you reach your potential customers. In addition to the traditional geographic, demographic, and retargeting options available on other media channels like Google, you can also layer in others to find the most qualified buyers and minimize wasted spend.  

Want to target newly engaged couples? Try life event targeting. Or, want to find new customers not in your database but have similar characteristics as your current customers? Leverage custom audiences (or as Facebook calls it, lookalikes).  

4. Get your creative juices flowing with various ad formats 

Unlike Google or Bing, Facebook has a variety of ad formats and placement options you can leverage. From single static images or multi-product carousel ads to videos and Instagram stories, Facebook offers a wide range of ad types and placement options 

5. Nurture leads down the funnel.  

Facebook and other social media channels are known to reach upper funnel leads because they aren’t actively searching for your service or product. But through remarketing tactics and the right messaging, you can engage with your leads throughout their buyer journey. And, if you’re running search ads in Google or Bing, adding Facebook into the mix often generates more direct leads and drive down your overall advertising costs 

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