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Important: While our offices are closed to keep our team and community safe, we are open for business and fully operational from our homes. We’re here if you need us.


Cindy Whitehouse

VP Revenue.

A strategic thinker, Cindy loves forecasting, finding efficiencies and working with leaders in the agency’s various departments to ensure things run according to plan. She’s our maestro, our conductor – the woman that magically runs the show behind the scenes, keeping all of our teams and projects performing at the top of their game. We notice it, and our clients do, too. The essence of making a difference is what motivates her. Even though Cindy’s drive, enthusiasm, and competitive nature motivates those around her, she claims her true superpower is kindness.

More about Cindy.

A 25+ year veteran of agency finance, Cindy has spent time in both large, fast-paced Boston agencies and as controller and CFO for smaller agencies. A bundle of energy, Cindy uses the same winning spirit and focus on making our top-and-bottom-line numbers as she does hiking, powerwalking and hitting the gym.