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Important: While our offices are closed to keep our team and community safe, we are open for business and fully operational from our homes. We’re here if you need us.


Derek Barka

Chief Technology Officer.

Unwavering optimism. Relentless drive. Focused motivation. Really infectious laugh. If you know Derek, you know he’s all in. His great attitude is just a bonus. Derek provides an understated leadership that guides teams through complicated tech, resulting in winning solutions that both clients and our SilverTech team can celebrate. His dedicated work ethic and relentless drive were born from of his days of being a competitive gymnast.

More about Derek.

Aside from his extreme flexibility (literally), you would describe Derek as a people-person who lives to collaborate with clients and teammates to build the next cool thing. Which, as it turns out, is what SilverTech is known for. He is always striving to be the best, and attributes his love of learning, exploration and prototyping to developing some of the most successful projects at the agency.