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Important: While our offices are closed to keep our team and community safe, we are open for business and fully operational from our homes. We’re here if you need us.


Hannah Benson

HR Manager.

Hannah is what you get when you cross someone who loves to follow rules and guidelines with someone who lives to understand and foster other people. Our people actually enjoy going to the “Principal’s Office” around here. She pretty much defines the perfect Human Resources professional. Hannah’s demeanor, experience, and (drumroll please) SHRM Certification places her at the center of SilverTech culture. With an acute awareness that people are at their best when they work in a supportive, encouraging and dynamic environment, Hannah knows our clients will get the very best results when our people are happy.

More about Hannah.

We realize our people are our most important asset, so Hannah and her team work hard to ensure there is a balance of fun and productivity. She attributes the agency comradery to a culture that places a high value on the emotional intelligence of our staffers. She believes most issues can be solved when you bring a human approach and expect that people’s intentions are good. Aside from nurturing our culture and taking care of our employees, Hannah claims her second favorite part of the job is benefits administration…she takes care of the boring stuff so we don’t have to. And we thank her for that.