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Important: While our offices are closed to keep our team and community safe, we are open for business and fully operational from our homes. We’re here if you need us.


Paul Creme

VP General Counsel.

With a vision of expanding our depth and services to SilverTech clients, Paul was brought on board to provide counsel for smart, strategic growth. Paul is our sage, our guide, our Great and Powerful Oz. A team player through and through, Paul equates his collegiate baseball days to working at an agency. He’s our pinch hitter, always coming through for our clients.

More about Paul.

During Paul’s career, he has closed over 100 business deals and taken four companies public. At SilverTech, you can find Paul keeping our team up to speed and in the know on anything and everything that may impact the work our clients do. He keeps us all compliant. With license to practice law in multiple states combined with his commitment to work until a deal is done, we’re happy to have Paul on our bench.