Are You a Marketer with No Access to Your CMS – Read This

A content management system should be a marketer’s most influential tool in their ability to drive optimized and strategic marketing initiatives. In fact, your CMS is likely your biggest marketing asset – so if your marketing team doesn’t have access to your CMS and know how to use it, then you might want to reassess your strategy before missing out on big marketing opportunities.

Don’t Pigeonhole Your Site’s Content

Anytime you update your website, there’s likely a marketing component to your actions. Marketers need access to their CMS so that they can update, edit, post, and publish content and assets to their website as they deploy various campaigns. Your website should never be viewed as a static, finite channel – always move forward with the understanding that the content and components of your website as it is today are not set in stone and are meant to be updated as the needs of your ideal consumers evolve.

If you create a barrier between your marketing team and your CMS – developers or IT for example – you’re likely going to have content and updates that are constantly being bottlenecked internally. Marketers need the ability to move forward with reactive, short-term, and long-term plans, and they need direct contact with the system that will allow them to initiate and oversee these marketing plans and strategies.

Inbound Marketing is Your CMS’S Best Friend

Inbound marketing is all about giving your audience what they need to find you and then stick around – the right content, at the right time, to the right person. Your CMS will allow you to do just that, and as marketers, you should be dreaming about all the ways your CMS can help you achieve inbound marketing nirvana.

The Best Modern Digital Strategies Utilize a Component of Your CMS

If you’re using personalized content, analytics, omni-channel campaigns, SEO strategies, responsive designs, A/B tests, landing page variations, contact forms, and other marketing assets – your CMS is likely at the center of these initiatives. Imagine if you, as a marketer, had direct access to updating, changing, and optimizing these variables. That would allow you to quickly deploy timely and relevant content, maximize ever-changing SEO opportunities, and test different areas of your site while gaining quick insight into what’s performing and what needs to be adjusted.

Be Informed. Be Flexible. Be Empowered.

Historically, there have been defined lines between IT teams and marketers. This way of thinking has led to modern confusion as to the decision-makers and technology owners within an organization. By becoming more informed of the digital space and opportunities that marketing technology could provide your team, you’ll be able to have a better grasp of internal ownership and be able to empower your marketing teams with access to user-friendly systems that drive big results for marketing campaigns. New systems are actually designed for less technical users – so take advantage of this and start getting more efficient with your marketing initiatives.