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Innovation Abound at Boston TechJam 2015

Thousands converged on Boston’s City Hall Plaza to celebrate the region’s pulsing technology ecosystem at Boston TechJam 2015. The atmosphere was electric and you would have been rightly justified in thinking you had stumbled into one of this summer’s hottest music festivals. Rather, you were immersing yourself in innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit with some of the brightest lights in the tech world today. Our SilverTech crew was there in force to network, soak up the energy, and ride the mechanical shark.

Bright Lights and the Internet of Things

Speaking of bright lights, we were wowed by the innovation on display from companies such as BeON. Billed as a home security system, BeON has developed a smart LED light bulb that learns from your patterns of behavior. Activated by an app, you can set up a “protect” sequence so that if someone rings your doorbell when you are not home, the lights will turn on in a way that suggests you are home and approaching the door. BeON, like many others on display at TechJam, are delivering upon the long promised Internet of Things, IoT. Gartner forecasts that 4.9 billion connected things will be lighting up our homes, starting our cars, and automating our refrigerators in 2015, with another 20 billion things connecting by 2020. We were excited to catch a glimpse of this future and see the IoT living and breathing at TechJam.

We were excited to catch a glimpse of this future and see the IoT living and breathing at TechJam

The Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Another bright light on display was Adored. Offering personalized content for the places that are special to you, Adored works through a battery powered beacon that partners with a smartphone app. Participating merchants can push rewards to customers as they enter their storefront or even push out notifications to remind them that it’s been awhile since their last visit. Adored, like others at TechJam, are delivering upon the promise of the omni-channel customer experience. In this near future, customers can interact with companies whenever and wherever they want and receive a branded, continuous experience; one that SilverTech helps our clients deliver.

5 Reasons You Need Marketing Automation

We felt right at home celebrating the innovation on display at Boston TechJam 2015. At SilverTech, we are pioneers in customer experience technology, implementing and integrating Web and Mobile, CRM, CMS, and Marketing Automation solutions to empower our clients with a deeper understanding of their customers.

Ian Hughes, Content Marketing Strategist
Meet Ian Hughes, Content Marketing Strategist

Ian is the main content writer for the SilverTech blog, podcast, and webinars.

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