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Silvertech headquarters

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Manchester, NH 03104

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SilverTech Prepares for Substantial Client Growth in 2015

“In order for SilverTech to scale and continue to meet the skyrocketing demand for our services, improving our systems and processes is essential,” said Gray Chynoweth, Chief Operating Officer and EVP of SilverTech. “Chris’ experience overseeing a large project management team and implementing scalable business practices will ensure that we continue to offer our clients transparency and efficiency in completing complex, long-term projects.”

Chris joins SilverTech from a leadership role at a digital agency where he spent 10 years as an increasingly senior member of the project management team, focused on building strong client relationships while executing unique digital visions. His experience and expertise in managing sizeable, multifaceted projects will allow SilverTech to expand its offerings and capabilities as the company seeks new client relationships and is able to offer more complex, more integrated, and more comprehensive solutions.

In order for SilverTech to scale and continue to meet the skyrocketing demand for our services, improving our systems and processes is essential

“SilverTech has a number of strong client relationships, and certainly more on the way,” said Chris. “I’m excited to share my knowledge of project management methodologies with the team as we work together to find the best ways to develop and execute complex and innovative strategies while nurturing long-term client relationships. A huge part of our success relies on strategically leveraging SilverTech’s existing partnerships with some of the biggest technology applications on the market, including Sitecore,, Pardot, and HubSpot, to continue to offer competitive, end-to-end solutions.”

How to Select a New Content Management System

SilverTech aims to enhance each internal team’s expertise to provide improved strategic deliverables to clients. As the company acquires new technology partnerships and heightens existing collaborations, SilverTech will further its role as a competitive, all-inclusive marketing technology destination that provides superior, integrated customer relationship management, content management system, marketing automation, and digital marketing solutions.

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