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Silvertech headquarters

The Ash Street School House

196 Bridge Street

Manchester, NH 03104

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Carl Ashby
Software Engineer Team Lead

Carl Ashby, Software Engineer Team Lead

Formally trained in Computer Science, Carl has a master’s degree in Digital Signal and Image Processing, which is the study of how computers can intelligently understand visual images and signals. He has over 10 years of industry experience and eight years specializing in web application design and development. His primary skillset includes .NET, C#, MS-SQL, MVC 5,, RESTful services, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, as well as agile practices, design patterns, and efficiency best practices. Carl was formerly a certified developer for Ektron where he focused on building critical elements of the platform as well as creating websites upon it. Born in the UK, Carl visited New Hampshire first in 2006 during a summer work exchange program at a local amusement park working as a lifeguard. He liked it so much that he found a job at a local digital agency. In his spare time, Carl enjoys skiing and hiking New Hampshire’s beautiful mountains, fishing, running, going to the gym and spending time with his son.

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Carl Ashby, Software Engineer Team Lead