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Derek Barka
Chief Technology Officer

Derek Barka, Chief Technology Officer

As the Senior Director of Technology at SilverTech, Derek leads the team that helps businesses create profitable relationships throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from Lead to Loyal™, with a strategic combination of engaging web experiences, marketing strategies, and content management solutions. As a pioneer in the field, Derek helped create many of the tools marketers use today to manage websites and digital marketing campaigns, as well as bridge the gap between upper management and the IT and marketing teams. Derek's unique and unparalleled experiences allow him to work closely with clients to identify stakeholder requirements and technology needs.
Derek’s vast knowledge of the marketing industry guides him as a trusted advisor with SilverTech’s partnerships, utilizing his deep understanding of technology and marketing applications to identify client pain points and implement the tools needed to streamline business processes. Derek’s comprehensive software expertise includes SharePoint, HubSpot, Ektron, and Sitecore, and he holds an extensive strategy skillset in mobile web solutions, SEO, inbound marketing, and web experience design.
As a member of the Greater Manchester Leadership class of 2015 and Vice Chairman of the Litchfield School Board, Derek’s interests in marketing, leadership, and the community are overwhelmingly present in both his professional and personal lives. Derek loves spending time with his family, is passionate about education in New Hampshire, and enjoys reading, burritos, and craft beer.

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