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Silvertech headquarters

The Ash Street School House

196 Bridge Street

Manchester, NH 03104

Call Us: 603.669.6600


Graham Chynoweth
Chief Operations Officer and EVP

Graham Chynoweth, Chief Operations Officer and EVP

Graham’s proven experience in a number of leadership roles has brought him success in every corporate executive position he has held. His background in business law and public policy provided him with a unique foundation for thriving in future strategic and leadership positions. Graham’s natural entrepreneurship ambition combined with his enthusiasm for start-ups allows him to utilize complex business strategies that drive long-term corporate development and growth. In his previous Chief Operating Officer position, Graham led an internet performance company to staggering advancements, driving employee growth from 20 to over 400, increasing revenue 30-fold, and helping to establish global operations offices. Graham’s continued successes included functional strategies surrounding corporate development, sales and marketing operations, information systems and security, technical operations, project management, and various strategic financial, legal, and community tasks. Graham’s unrelenting instinct for growth management has allowed him to remain an integral, unique, and driving force on any team he leads. Graham’s diverse background includes a B.A. in Political Science, an M.A. in Public Policy, and a J.D. in Law. He holds a number of noteworthy board memberships as well as serves as a director for numerous nonprofit organizations within New Hampshire.

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Graham Chynoweth, Chief Operations Officer and EVP