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Karissa Woodward
UI/UX Designer

Karissa Woodward, UI/UX Designer

Karissa’s expertise includes website design, typography, and UI/UX design. Prior to joining the SilverTech team, Karissa received her Bachelor of Science degree in SNHU’s Graphic Design and Media Arts program in just three years while earning the program’s Outstanding Creative Achievement Award, has an educational background in software engineering, and is actively pursuing a master’s in marketing.

Skilled in creating visually appealing and persuasive designs, Karissa always ensures that projects are consistently attractive, effective, and address all client goals.

A kid at heart, Karissa’s wild imagination and love for cooking as a child shaped her both professionally and personally as an adult. Karissa finds ways to get creative with any project and loves music, making healthy foods, and enjoys art and design blogs. Additionally, Karissa loves field hockey, running, volunteering, and her cat Zoe.

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Karissa Woodward, UI/UX Designer