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Silvertech headquarters

The Ash Street School House

196 Bridge Street

Manchester, NH 03104

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Melissa Woelflein
Marketing & Events Coordinator

Melissa Woelflein, Marketing & Events Coordinator

With a background in journalism, event planning, sales, and social media, Melissa landed at SilverTech as a Marketing & Events Coordinator. She is primarily responsible for strategically placing SilverTech at market-focused trade shows and events around the country, working closely with our partners, and actively spreading SilverTech's voice and content through social networks. Melissa is trained in HubSpot and Hootsuite applications, is Inbound Certified through HubSpot, and has experience with CRM software, Salesforce. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, traveling and attending concerts with her husband, spending time with her 90lb rescue mutt, and, of course, being an active participant on social media.

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Melissa Woelflein, Marketing & Events Coordinator