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Paul St. Amand Jr.
Director, Client Services

Paul St. Amand Jr., Director, Client Services

Paul has over 15 years of digital marketing experience and has the unique ability to manage large projects while navigating complex technical requirements. With experience in nearly every aspect of digital technology, Paul mentors SilverTech’s technology staff, scales the team’s technology standards and strategies, and delivers unparalleled and sophisticated technology solutions to our clients. As Paul oversees project development from conception through reality, he integrates innovative responsive strategies, while ensuring that the strategic design, UX, and the back end grow seamlessly into a cohesive environment.
Paul helps architect new designs that exceed customer expectations and surpass the competition while also assisting with the technical aspects of client’s online presence. With goals to better understand and utilize audience motivations with a focus on thought-leadership, Paul drives client’s competitive edge, helped websites become more interactive and more integrated through a restructured information architecture. Paul guides designs to the bleeding edge of technology without forgetting the importance of usability, allowing SilverTech to deliver a final product that is as visually stunning as it is inviting.
Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, an Associate of Science Degree in Computer Technologies, and certifications in web development and multiple content management system platforms. A gamer, geek, and beer lover, Paul is both one with 'the Force™' and PS4. He loves learning new things, making people smile, and spending time with his wife and kids.

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Paul St. Amand Jr., Director, Client Services