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Sean Howe
Digital Strategist

Sean Howe, Digital Strategist

Sean is a seasoned digital marketer with expertise in content strategy and development, SEO, social media, and analytics. He has expertise with inbound marketing applications including HubSpot, Pardot marketing automation systems, Google Analytics, Ektron, and Word Press CMS. SilverTech relies heavily on Sean to utilize his knowledge of lead generation, blogging, messaging, and social media to develop strong digital marketing strategies that will increase traffic and optimize overall digital effectiveness.

A graduate of the 3 Year Business Honors Program from Southern New Hampshire University, Sean is also Google Analytics certified. As a kid, he loved Star Wars and exercising his active imagination, peaking his creative skills that would become invaluable as an adult. These days, Sean loves binge watching tv shows, pizza, fantasy football, and sporting stylish clothes around the office.

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Sean Howe, Digital Strategist