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My Website Is in the Cloud, Why Do I Need to Worry about Redundancy?

Regardless of the industry, whether its financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail or professional services, all businesses and organizations need to ensure their websites and digital properties are online and accessible 24/7/365. In today’s world, downtime means lost sales, lost customers, and damage to your company's reputation and brand.

With the evolution of cloud services, more and more businesses and organizations are relying on redundant, high-availability data centers to keep their systems continually running and available.

When it comes to redundancy and high-availability, one may think that if your website was online 99% of the time, that would be enough. But if you do the math, and your website is offline 1% of the time, that equates to 2 hours of downtime per week - 2 hours’ worth of potential lost sales and brand damage.

Navigating the waters and trying to put together a redundant solution can be tricky, as there are several different types of redundancies, including network redundancy, hardware redundancy, power redundancy, and geographic redundancy.

SilverTech's team of infrastructure architects are experts in assembling redundant, high-availability solutions for our customers, allowing them to avoid the downtime and headaches that a lot of Amazon S3 customers experienced on Tuesday.

As we’ve now seen first-hand, even the industry titans in cloud services such as Amazon and Microsoft Azure, can, and will have their hiccups and moments of downtime.

So what happened with Amazon's S3 service, and why is it important to me?

S3 (Simple Storage Service) is Amazon’s object storage facility located within its public cloud. The S3 outage took place yesterday, February 28 at 12:44 am EST with storage access problems due to high error rates in its US-East-1 region (North Virginia), a highly popular data center. For many users, their data was inaccessible and services were affected over a five-hour breakdown period, ranging from websites to video-cams and smartphone apps.

For many S3 customers, not having data in two diverse geographic regions for redundancy to protect against such an outage, was a costly mistake that with some planning, could have been prevented.

The Internet and the cloud are not perfect. While many people like to think we are becoming less susceptible to outages, they are still a fact of life and cannot be taken lightly.

As we’ve now seen first-hand, even the industry titans in cloud services such as Amazon and Microsoft Azure, can, and will have their hiccups and moments of downtime.

So regardless of if you are an ecommerce business whose ability to complete online transactions is halted, or if you are a large enterprise whose international operations are no longer communicating, relying on a single regional cloud service can be a risky gamble.

In closing, while the outage has shown everyone the massive footprint that Amazon has, it has also shown everyone how important a true cloud strategy and redundant infrastructure plan is to your business.

Andrew Eddy, Engineering & UX Manager
Meet Andrew Eddy, Engineering & UX Manager

Andrew leads a team of experienced designers and front end developers, all of whom give SilverTech its competitive edge.

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