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Client spotlight.

Making good on a promise to customers. 

It’s exhilarating when you get to work with an organization that exudes positive energy, possesses visionary foresight and truly just cares about people. It became evident to us within the first few weeks of our partnership that Nova Scotia Power (NSP), with a relentless commitment to over half a million customers, was one of those special companies. 

Hired for our experience in helping utility companies strategize and implement large-scale digital transformations, SilverTech agreed to work with NSP executive leadership to help fulfill a promise to customers. That promise is that Nova Scotia Power, the only electricity provider in the province, will take significant steps over the next three to five years to improve customer experience and customer satisfaction in all aspects of their business. 

Admirable, but not easy.

As you can imagine, that is no small feat. 

Disjointed digital properties, numerous third-party systems, distributed organizational governance, siloed data and an evolving world where customers have high expectations for digital convenience and technology, all make this a complicated challenge to solve. An initiative this massive, and one that scales across the entire organization, takes more than marketing and technology skills.

It requires the ability to juggle multiple interests and priorities within the organization, facilitate departmental alignment and demonstrate need to executives. It also requires a tight collaboration and partnership between client and agency. Fortunately, NSP and SilverTech have developed a working relationship built on trust and a reliance on leveraging each other’s expertise. The level of professionalism our team has shown in order to navigate such a dynamic and fast changing landscape, while also making steady forward progress, has been the secret to our success. 

The strategy required marketing, technology and business acumen. 

We began by understanding the wants, needs and challenges of customers. SilverTech strategists conducted research and analyzed behavioral trends to develop personas for each customer segment.  These personas were validated with data and stakeholder hands-on workshops facilitated by us on-site at NSP. Personas were then used to create detailed customer journey maps to identify experience gaps and opportunities in key customer interactions, touch points and transactions. 

From there, our team conducted additional research to develop a comprehensive Digital Customer Interaction Strategy (DCIS) and a long-term Digital Customer Experience (CX) Roadmap that prioritized all NSP opportunities and initiatives that had a customer-facing digital component. This step was crucial as the solution to NSP’s customer experience challenges were more than skin deep. Every digital interaction relies on the underlying technology, use of data and numerous workflows. Improving digital experience for NSP would require not only a redesign of user interfacing elements, but also our advanced technical expertise to provide an in-depth technology evaluation, technical roadmap and upgrade.

Fast forward to today, SilverTech is helping NSP make the vision a reality one step at a time. With the redesign of the corporate website on the Sitefinity content management platform, design and development of a microsite promoting Smart Meter education, tech consultation on platform and data workflow and security, we are making significant progress along the roadmap.

What kind of improvements will customers ultimately benefit from? Accessibility, ease-of-use, convenience, assisted and self-service guidance, energy education, ability to complete tasks and transactions seamlessly across web, mobile, email and offline channels. All that, plus a personalized experience that customers not only enjoy, but expect.  


The insight and strategic counsel provided by the SilverTech team is comparable to work done by the world’s largest analyst firms. Word has gotten out about our thought leadership and expertise in helping utilities with digital transformation. Our team will soon be participating and speaking at utility industry conferences around the country.        


600 +
Pages of strategy documentation written.
15 hrs
Hours of workshops led and facilitated by SilverTech.
Executive board presentations provided.
20 +
Internal systems and integrations analyzed.
Total websites being overhauled as part of initial project.
Personas and user journey's.
Nova Scotia Power's homepage hero banner.
Web style guide.
Smart Meters homepage and inner page designs.
  • Digital Strategy & Roadmap
  • User Experience Strategy
  • User Research & Testing
  • Cohesive Rebrand 
  • Website Design & Development
  • Technology Consultation 
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Content Management System Implementation
  • Search Engine Optimization

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