Case Study – Felix-Septic Service


Felix Septic Service

Increasing traffic, leads, and new business from email, social media, SEO, and Paid Advertising


Felix Septic Service Inc., one of New Hampshire’s largest and most prominent septic service providers, set out to grow their business through digital channels in an industry that typically relies on word-of-mouth referrals. Working together, SilverTech and Felix Septic developed and executed a plan to help increase traffic, leads, and new business from the website using a variety of marketing channels such as email, social media, SEO, and paid advertising through Google AdWords.


Main challenges:

  • Attracting new customers digitally through new channels
  • Reducing cost of paid advertising channels while still getting a good return
  • Setting up accurate tracking and reporting to measure success and optimize
  • Breaking into a brand new channel for Felix: social media. And building an audience

Furthermore, Felix Septic sought to:

  • Start tracking customer data (email, name, location, etc.) in a database
  • Start sending email communications to potential and current customers about pump reminders
  • Start blogging and becoming a thought leader/relevant source of information in the space


Phase One:

Phase one was completed during the first month and is used as the foundation for a successful partnership. It helps us understand what the unique challenges and goals are for the client and what we can do to help.

  • Conducted a discovery interview and on-boarding session to learn more about the business challenges, goals, and measurements of success
  • SEO audit and benchmarking to determine opportunities
  • Recommendations for short and long-term improvements to each area
  • Creation of a roadmap on how to go about achieving each of these recommendations

Phase Three:

The second phase lasted over the next few months and bled into phase three. This consisted of the most pressing changes/optimization that was needed on each of their digital channels and closely followed the recommendations in the roadmap. Included:

  • AdWords campaign clean up
  • Website updates and changes to improve UX
  • Email and blogging schedule (1 blog and email/month)
  • Blog template creation on website and first blog post
  • Email template creation and first email send
  • Reporting, takeaways, recommendations, optimization and testing happening this entire time


AdWords Success:

  • Lowered the average cost per click in Google AdWords by 25% and 13% respectively for the two main service offerings being promoted
  • Lowered cost per conversion by 57% and 47% for the same two main service offerings
  • Improved the conversion rate by 78% and 66% for these same two main service offerings
  • Increased total conversions by 43% overall compared to the same period of time last year

Website Success:

  • Have seen an increase in overall website conversions by 141% year over year
  • Have improved the website conversion rate by 35% year over year
  • Organic traffic conversions went up by 184% year over year
  • Organic traffic conversion rate went up by 44% year over year

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