Case Study – Ipswitch



Website Design & Development | Digital Strategy | Kentico CMS Implementation | Marketo Integration


Ipswitch, an IT management software developer, sought to drive engagement with integrated business intelligence. The primary goal was to enhance both customer-facing and internal user experiences.


SilverTech knew that the main challenge would be unifying three website properties into a single, effective, online presence for brand awareness, lead generation, and customer support, while still offering a personalized experience relevant to the appropriate business line, country of origin, and the site visitor’s stage in the buyer’s journey. The new website had to embody the Ipswitch principles of ease-of-try, buy, and use while centralizing content and improving functionality.



Kentico Gold Partner

Ipswitch sought to provide an integrated, personalized experience based on an outside-in approach that makes it easy for customers and partners to do business. Choosing Kentico was an obvious choice for SilverTech; utilizing the robust features of Kentico CMS, SilverTech was able to design and build a unified website covering content and functionality that was previously spread across three different websites. The employment of Kentico’s robust open architecture allowed SilverTech to successfully integrate multiple instances of Marketo to create not just a website, but a conversion engine.

Ipswitch required a budget-friendly solution, but could not sacrifice features that were integral to its growth targets, internationalization, and personalization. While other CMS solutions were considered, it quickly became clear that the Kentico CMS was exactly what Ipswitch needed; an all-in-one platform that handles the traffic-load with ease and allows room for growth.



To meet Ipswitch’s goals and grow the international business, the website supports multiple languages and can be easily localized. Whether the site visitor is located in Germany, Japan, or the US, and whether their interest is Network Monitoring/Management or Secure File Transfer, the experience they will have is personalized and free of any barriers to conversion. The new website sits at the center of Ipswitch’s marketing universe as a single source of truth for all prospects, customers, and partners, no matter where they are in the world.

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