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New Hampshire Historical Society

Website Design & Development | Kentico CMS Implementation


The New Hampshire Historical Society (NHHS) came to SilverTech, Inc. to partner on a new website to vibrantly showcase portions of its collection of more than 2 million historical artifacts, documents, and photographs. The NHHS team and board members had the dream of creating a visually appealing, user-friendly experience that united their multiple ‘best of breed’ but disconnected databases implemented at various times since the late-1990s. SilverTech had the expertise required to create a single, easy-to-use solution that provided an elegant experience for NHHS members and website visitors.


SilverTech knew that the main challenge would be uniting the multiple databases and showcasing the more than 100,000 historical artifacts, documents, and photographs that would be displayed at the site’s initial launch and grow over time. Furthermore, the website redesign afforded NHHS the opportunity to think through several value-add features for their visitors.

In addition to a renewed eCommerce portion of the website, NHHS came to SilverTech with the ambitious vision of a New Hampshire history timeline that responsively featured articles about notable events, and a sister website called the New Hampshire History Network (NHHN) that would allow any New Hampshire local historical society to share their collections. SilverTech quickly jumped at the opportunity to work with NHHS and create these innovative elements.



Kentico Gold Partner

The key to success is rooted in an achievable strategy. The beginning of SilverTech’s partnership with NHHS included a thorough deep-dive into technology documentation and assessment, organizational goals and expected outcomes, target audiences and personas, as well as user requirements. As a final deliverable of this phase, SilverTech presented a Project Recommendations Document that outlined the recommended content and technological approaches based on the Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS).

SilverTech recommended the Kentico EMS platform because of its scalability, affordability, and ease of use – it was a perfect fit for NHHS. The content management feature set fulfilled their basic and current needs, while allowing for growth in future areas, like personalization. The system was robust enough to meet the advanced technical requirements of the project allowing SilverTech to build a combined database of over 100,000 objects. Finally, the NHHS store and online membership processing made the Kentico eCommerce offering a clear fit.


With our powerful new website now built, we are excited to turn our focus to...adding more content to our collections catalog and the Timeline of New Hampshire History.


New Hampshire Historical Society


New Hampshire Historical Society had two main goals for this web project. The first goal was to revamp their online presence, get a large percentage of their historical collection online and available to the public, and provide a premium experience for their members. They achieved dramatic success here by bringing over 100,000 of their items online and available to the public with the site’s launch.

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