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Our work with the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest energy delivery company encompasses all aspects of the customer lifecycle, utilizing innovative designs, groundbreaking technology, and customer-focused strategies.


Determined to rehabilitate its reputation, in 2011, PHI brought in a new communications leader who laid out an aggressive vision to improve customer satisfaction among its three subsidiaries – Pepco, Atlantic City Electric, and Delmarva Power. The communications department was completely restructured – job descriptions rewritten, accountability enhanced and high-performing talent brought in to help turn around Pepco’s tarnished image.



Enter SilverTech to power up the following website, customer, and internal areas:

  • Dynamic zip code functionality
  • Multi-device navigation
  • Homepage alerts during events
  • UX/UI optimization
  • Scroll feature for compliance
  • Third party access
  • Customized, full-view Google Analytics tracking solution
  • Improved self-service
  • Relevant educational materials
  • Improved website appearance
Pepco Holdings Website


Internal and external support for PHI’s digital revamp has been overwhelming. Corporate Communications teams have the insight into the data they need to ensure that they are serving their customers appropriately and effectively.

Employees, tech teams, and stakeholders are using the new website, intranet, social media, and integrated systems, and PHI put their communications capabilities to the test in the past year’s weather and outage events. The systems connect all segments of PHI’s customer lifecycle, and the team at PHI has a comprehensive strategy to understand when and how the segments intersect with marketing, communication, and internal teams’ involvement.

  • MarCom Awards, Platinum, Pepco Holdings, Inc. website (corporate website)
  • MarCom Awards, Platinum, Pepco Holdings, Inc. web icons (graphic design)
  • MarCom Awards, Platinum, Pepco Holdings, Inc. web icons (web graphics)
  • MarCom Awards, Platinum, Pepco Holdings, Inc. website homepage
  • MarCom Awards, Platinum, Pepco Holdings, Inc. website redesign

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