Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation


Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

Our flexible, tiered package structure is ideal for anyone, ranging from businesses that are just getting started with digital marketing, to seasoned professionals on the lookout for a better ROI.


Campaign Management

Using strategic content marketing and personas, we’ll help you optimize landing pages, maximize your blog’s potential, and learn the best ways to connect with your customers.


Email Marketing

We’ll help you with the design, messaging, segmentation, and targeting. And, our proven conversion rate optimization (CRO) expertise will get you the most ROI from your email marketing.


Lead Generation

Finding out what content and channels bring in your ideal customer will help you maximize ROI from initiatives by investing in campaigns that have the greatest potential for conversions.

...Through their approach, SilverTech has proven they understand that the best marketing strategies are those that enhance experiences throughout the entire customer journey.



Felix Septic Service

Felix Septic Service Inc., one of New Hampshire’s largest and most prominent septic service providers, set out to grow their business through digital channels in an industry that typically relies on word-of-mouth referrals. Working together, SilverTech and Felix Septic developed and executed a plan to help increase traffic, leads, and new business from the website using a variety of marketing channels such as email, social media, SEO, and paid advertising.


SEO Trends: Micro-moments and Mobile-first Indexing

Two years ago Google introduced the micro-moment, a new mobile-first concept of consumer behavior. In 2017, as US adults spend more than 3 hours a day consuming digital media on their mobile devices the concept has become even more relevant. So, what is a micro-moment?


Content Marketing: How to Write Great Content

In this on-demand webinar, we cover how to write content for the web and the best practices for connecting your content with your audience.

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