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SilverTech is a CallRail partner. 


CallRail is a call tracking platform that helps you track, analyze, improve, and convert leads into customers. This call attribution tool provides insight on how callers found your business - delivering analytics around campaigns, search terms or ads that motivated them to reach out. It helps measure the success of your marketing efforts across channels, and ultimately will help optimize your future strategy.

Our team of experts will help integrate this platform with your website and guide you through the process. Move beyond who is calling and why, while also eliminating the “How did you hear about us?” banter. By connecting inbound calls directly into the campaigns and touchpoints driven by your marketing efforts, you’ll get insight on where the interaction began – before they even picked up the phone.

Work with us here at SilverTech on your CallRail implementation and begin creating better targeted campaigns. Through call attribution, you’ll discover hidden insights while simultaneously providing quality customer conversations. Discover more through your calls and maximize leads with these call tracking features:


CallRail services:

  • Visitor-level and source-level tracking
  • Call attribution and day & time reports
  • Whisper messaging that informs you of the campaign your caller came from upon answering
  • Call recording and monitoring
  • Automated call scoring, tagging, and keyword spotting

  • Analytics and insights
  • Google Ads call tracking
  • Custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system
  • AI-powered solution that transcribes call recordings
  • Integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, and more
Working with the SilverTech Digital Marketing Team, we have seen increased website visits based on our ads and look forward to a successful partnership.
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