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Why Your Content Marketing Shouldn’t End Once You Make a Sale

by: SilverTech

Over the last few weeks on the SilverTech blog, we have discussed the idea and process behind lead to loyal and what that means for your digital strategy. One of the most important pieces in converting an unknown visitor on the web into a loyal customer for your business is a successful content strategy. This could include anything from blogs, whitepapers, and videos to social media posts and infographics. All of these things complement each other and help turn your unknown website visitors into leads and hopefully customers. But what happens when you make that sale? Well, if you truly want your customer to go from lead to loyal, your content strategy doesn’t end just because a sale has been made. Here are the things your organization can do from a content perspective to turn your new customers into loyal brand advocates.

Continue to Blog

If you already have a successful content marketing strategy in place you most likely have a blog that is helping to fill the top of the sales funnel and generate organic traffic. Take a step back though and stop thinking of your blog as purely a lead generation tool, and start thinking about it as a brand advocacy tool as well. Instead of all of your posts being centered around and targeted towards potential customers, mix in some posts that are relevant towards your current customers. These might overlap with what you are already writing about, but it will give your current customers an opportunity to engage and to share your content with their network as well. Keep writing and sharing content that is relevant to them because you never know who they will share it with or what referral they will send your way.

Guest blogging opportunities are another great avenue that can get your customers involved and talking about your brand. They will be more likely to share a piece of content they directly had a hand in, and it shows that you value what they have to say.

Don’t Neglect Social Media

Here is something that isn’t news to anyone; social media is a great place to easily share content with a wide range of people. I know, real earth shattering information. But seriously, take advantage of the fact that your current customers are already there and are most likely following you. Share those blog posts that you have been writing and even reach out and interact with what they are sharing. Don’t be afraid to give their content some attention too or even be SOCIAL with them on social media.

Get Creative With Your Content

Once you have moved your customers into the loyal territory and they are openly advocates for you, encourage them to spread the word. This could include doing a customer interview, testimonial, or case study that demonstrates how valuable your product or service is to them. This type of content will become some of the most valuable on your site since people are four times more likely to buy when referred by someone they know, and it will give other potential customers a window into how great your organization really is from a third party perspective.

Whatever your content strategy is, just remember, it doesn’t end just because you made a sale. Keep doing the steps that are laid out above and you will be on your way into turning customers into loyal brand advocates for your organization.