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Does Your Content Management System Strategy Help or Hinder Your Marketing Goals?

by: SilverTech

2015 is the year for you to rethink your CMS strategy, and perhaps even your CMS application. Get started with assessing your current system and compare available alternatives so that you can incorporate the best CMS strategy into your game plan for the year, whether that means implementing a new system or upgrading your current setup. Advanced content management systems have incredible offerings, and the best content management system for your business will address all of your digital marketing, content, and lead generation strategies and goals.

CMS, MA, CRM. Who Does What?

You’re likely utilizing content management, marketing automation, and customer relationship management software to manage your website, leads, marketing campaigns, and customer database. While each software application has strengths and gaps, the overlapping opportunities in your technology will provide opportunities to expand on strategies and optimize integrations. Significant up-front strategies, planning, and ongoing maintenance will pay off as you close the sales loop, nurture leads, and publish exceptional content.

Businesses often lack the ability to track, organize, and measure the effectiveness and output of communication across multiple channels. If you notice gaps in your reporting, you’re likely missing opportunities for optimizing campaigns and acting upon results. Map out your communication plans to understand all the various ways in which your organization is outputting content so that you can better align strategies across all internal departments and external channels.

Not Just Content. The Right Content.

Deliver the right piece of content, to the right person, at the right time. If you have the best content management system in place, delivering the perfect content will be easier than you think. Advanced CMS systems allow you to define personas and then target content specifically to each of these personas. They also allow you to track user page views, form submissions, and other behaviors through analytics and integration with marketing automation tools to tailor the experience of each site visitor.

Got Leads?

If you’ve found ways to drive traffic to your site, you need to focus efforts on converting visitors into qualified leads. Get your CMS to work for you in allowing you to easily publish premium content, test and optimize landing pages, and create enticing contact forms and CTAs. Integrating your CMS with your CRM tool will allow your team to respond to qualified leads, completing the sales process and nurturing qualified leads quickly and efficiently.

Surprise and Delight

The very first requirement for any website is to build credibility with potential customers. Get a CMS that allows your developers and designers to create visually appealing site, and one that allows your marketing team to update premium content easily. But don’t stop there. Once you drive traffic to your site, give your visitors follow-up content and downloads that grab their interests and are hard to resist. Connect with your audience through every step of your funnel, drawing on their motivations, personas, and your website’s strategic ability to engage, appeal, and excite.