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How SilverTech Maintains 100% Availability for the Miss America Competition

by: SilverTech

SilverTech has been maintaining the web presence for The Miss America Organization (MAO) ( for over 12 years. During 11 of the 12 months of the year, MAO’s website is hosted in SilverTech’s managed hosting environment at a Rackspace data center in Chicago, Illinois.

In the weeks leading up to the Miss America Competition, which is being held this year in Atlantic City on Sunday, September 14th, the website will start to receive additional traffic. The increase in traffic continues up to and through the night of the competition, broadcast nationally on ABC.

It is during the competition itself that the website will see a major increase in web traffic as the website is promoted on national TV, where visitors can browse the website, learn about the contestants, and follow along with the results.

SilverTech’s shared production hosting environment would be insufficient for this large increase in visitors and overall site traffic. To ensure that the website is continuously available and responsive SilverTech deploys an additional layer of servers to handle the additional visitors and large surge of traffic.

This is a cost-efficient method developed by SilverTech to ensure that the website, which becomes one of the most visited sites on the internet while the competition is being aired live on ABC, maintains 100% uptime.

Beginning last year SilverTech started utilizing Varnish Cache ( software distributed across servers located in multiple data centers throughout the continental US. Varnish Cache is used by popular websites including Zappos, SoundCloud,, Business Insider and Lonely Planet.

When you visit The Miss America Organization Website at in the weeks leading up to Competition Night and for weeks after, you will be directed to Varnish Cache servers located in datacenters in Washington, DC, Dallas, Texas, and San Jose, California.

This methodology for ensuring that The Miss America Organization website is highly available leading up to, during, and after Competition Night (September 14, 2014) is tried and tested, having been implemented by SilverTech for this same purpose for over 12 years. During this time we are proud that the site has been continuously available and we have achieved our goal of 100% uptime. Follow us on twitter to monitor how the show is going!