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Is It Time for You to Implement a New Content Management System?

by: SilverTech

In this evolving industry, technology companies often undergo business shifts and changes, putting the pressure on partners, clients and users to reevaluate their technology applications and plan for future, strategic optimizations. Begin an analysis of your current marketing applications, the tools you use to manage your website content and your digital marketing goals and business objectives. Consider the following key areas when thinking about choosing a new, high-level CMS partner and contact us today to further discuss your CMS options.

Website Content Management And Editing

Of course, your first stop in assessing your CMS is to understand your content management and editing needs. Robust CMS applications have interfaces that allow for greater control, flexibility and personalization in managing website content, editing pages, and utilizing page templates within your site. Depending on your needs, there are simpler applications available that make use of easy-to-use features, but are less adaptable than systems that have comprehensive offerings.

When considering your CMS selection, remember that page creation and layout editing should not require a technical web team, which underutilizes resources and expertise, and basic functions should be executed by marketing team members. Don’t limit yourself with site management tasks that prevent critical web development team members from focusing on strategic work, and keep in mind that limitations of certain tools may force your team to rely upon several external tools and resources to complete tasks.

Persona Development, Management, Profiling, And Personalization

Most content management systems have strong persona management protocol in place, but all are very different. Choosing the right CMS requires first understanding your business’ individual persona needs based on your overall marketing strategy. Assess the CMS’ ability to create personas as well as tag content by persona so that users can begin to be profiled based upon the content they consume.

Ability To Create CTAs, Landing Pages, And Lead Generation Forms

Lead interactions on your website are hugely important, and often the tipping point in growing lead information or driving conversions. All modern content management systems should provide the functionality to create calls-to-action, landing pages, and easy-to-use lead generation forms. Depending on what you’re looking for, these actions can range in terms of simplicity within the CMS. It’s also important to consider lead scoring and lead management, as well as what happens after your CMS acquires records, as certain platforms may make lead information more accessible and easier-to-manage than others. Some CMS platforms also have basic campaign workflows in place that can automatically segment leads and enter them in to drip campaigns based on the form they filled out or the content they have consumed.

Integration With Your CRM Software

Your organization naturally understands the importance of managing customer relationships. Your CRM software might overlap with your CMS strategies in tracking lead sources, providing campaign attribution, and measuring ROI. While some CMS applications lack strengths in this area, others allow you to tie customers back to campaigns with built-in CRM. Still, revenue analysis is often difficult to track within a CMS so it is important to consider integration with your current CRM, and begin to strategize which platform’s strengths to utilize, and which to outsource to other technology.

Marketing Automation Integration And Capabilities

Don’t forget that marketing automation is often what develops leads into loyal, long-term customers, and neglecting optimal integrations will slow down your customer lifecycle. Comprehensive CMS applications provide integrations with your marketing automation software to enhance the following: email campaign support and performance analysis, drip campaign automation, reporting, A/B testing, list segmentation, goal tracking, newsletter subscriptions, and unsubscribe management. An ideal CMS will reduce campaign and reporting complexity and streamline content performance testing. Integrated technologies will allow you to monitor conversion rates using goals and email stats, apply cross-channel lead journey tracking, retain consistent messaging across channels, and provide a clear view into measuring campaign effectiveness.

Supporting Tools And Third Party Technology

Taking inventory of the tools you use currently, as well as their individual goals in alignment with your content strategy, will help you further get to know your CMS options and future integration needs or consolidations. Often, specialized, supporting tools are difficult for marketing teams to use due to technical nature and are replaceable with a more user-friendly and robust CMS. These tools often include inventory tracking, targeting, survey generation, list segmentation and generation, blogging tools, marketing automation, and CRM applications.

What SilverTech Can Provide

The experts at SilverTech understand better than most that assessing your CMS needs is a huge task. We are also personally aware of the above-mentioned stresses placed on businesses when technology partners undergo changes, and we strive to help organizations make smart business decisions during these challenging times.

As experts in assessing an organization’s web and digital marketing technology needs, we can make sound recommendations on your high-level CMS decisions and help you understand the potential benefits and challenges between competing CMS platforms, such as Sitecore and Ektron. As a premier Sitecore certified partner, just minutes down the road from their NH office, our strong, long-term partnership brings the best industry expertise and knowledge to your CMS assessment.

If you’re deciding between the leading CMS providers in the market, contact us for a free CMS assessment today so you can choose a quality, stable product produced by a company that has a proven ability to be innovative in the industry and has the ability execute on its vision. Choose a CMS that allows you to create a truly integrated and adaptive experience for site visitors, and let us help you make that decision.