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5 Digital Marketing Challenges the Higher Education Industry Faces

by: SilverTech

Digital marketing can be difficult to keep up with and higher education institutions face their own unique set of challenges. Your online presence is often the first impression you ever make with a potential student and that image can make or break their enrollment decision. Here are 5 common challenges you’ll need to overcome:  

1. A strong website presence.  

Your website is one of the most important marketing and communication tools you have. Does it say and do what you want it to? If it’s not up to date or doesn’t accurately reflect your school’s image, you could lose out on capturing the attention of potential students and their parents.  

2. Break down the silos.  

Is your marketing budget controlled by another department? You’re not alone! This is a common barrier many colleges and universities face. When you partner with SilverTech, we can help you break down those silos and show the return on investment in order to get the buy-in you need to replicate those efforts school-wide!  

3. The growing need for online course offerings. 

Although enrollment overall is declining, interest in online courses has been steadily increasing. In 2016, 6.3 million students took at least one online class. With the increased appeal in online comes the added cost to put the right technology in place to successfully run programs online. On the plus side, if you’re able to meet students where they spend most of their time already – online, then you’re more likely to keep them engaged and uphold the retention rates needed for your accreditation.  

4. Growing concerns around student debt.  

Student debt is a top concern for students, parents, and educators. Student loans across the United States have reached 1.5 trillion dollars with the average debt per person at almost $30,000. This high cost makes the idea of going to college even more daunting. At SilverTech, our team has years of experience in the higher education industry and understand the right messaging needed to educate families on their financing options. We also understand the compliance requirements and how best to market those resources so your school can continue to thrive.  

5. How to recruit international students. 

International students allow you to diversify your campus and increase revenue, but the cost of recruitment and ongoing political uncertainty can often make that a challenge to achieve. With the right marketing tactics, you can effectively recruit qualified international prospects at an efficient cost.  

With the expertise of a digital marketing team who understand the challenges your school faces, we can help you present the right brand image to make the right impression on students today and in the future. By facing these challenges head on, you can increase enrollment with upcoming prospects, international students, and online learners. Learn how our digital marketing team can help.