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SilverTech helps State of NH adapt to new phase of pandemic FAST.

by: Nick Soggu President & CEO

Launches online tool in under 24 hours to help NH citizens determine vaccine phase. 

In our industry, challenges can be a great many things: they can be a technical or integration issue, timelines, constantly changing digital trends and much more. Last Wednesday around 7pm, we had an immense challenge land at our doorstep: the State of NH needed us to create a microsite in less than 24 hours that would be fully functional and accessible to all NH citizens. Our relationship with the State of NH has grown rapidly over the past few years due to us always delivering on our promises and providing top-quality work. It is because of this very relationship that our contacts at the State knew they could count on us to find a solution to their immediate problem. 

Since the vaccine distribution began, the State has been inundated with phone calls and inquiries from its citizens as to when they could expect to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. To address the vast quantity of inquiries, it became abundantly clear to our contacts at the State that they would need a more automated solution to provide answers to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. 

SilverTech team immediately assembled and developed a plan.

Working with our contacts at the State, our team reviewed the information provided on vaccine phases and defined the goals for the project. The static vaccine phases chart the State provided had lots of information, but we needed to develop it further in a way for citizens to get that information in an easy-to-understand question and answer format. Within an hour, we assembled a small team and started a new workflow to put our plan in motion. Once the workflow was in place, we began coding. By 2am, we were able to hand things off to a couple other members who completed the Front End, Design and QA later that morning. During this time, we were getting revisions from the State as we went, which we were able to implement quickly and without much disruption.   

When can i get the vaccine screenshot from the website


The goal of this site was to create a way for anyone at any time to find out which round of vaccinations they would qualify for. Rather than having to wait on hold during the short window of hours Government departments are open between Monday and Friday, people could instead click a link that would supply the same information in a quicker fashion and at a time of their choosing. Based on some pre-existing steps provided by the State, we were able to map out a flow that would lead anyone taking the questionnaire to their appropriate phase. 

Step 1 screenshot from the website

Every outcome was planned for: age, occupation, pre-existing medical conditions; these all affected the phases in which someone would be placed. Through a series of four short steps, every citizen could now find out which group they would be in, from Phase 1A (current round) to Phase 3B (final round happening after May). This knowledge will eliminate confusion and help ease any stress some people have been feeling as they try to navigate through these uncertain waters.  

Last Step screenshot from website


New website sees tens of thousands of visitors in just hours.

By 3pm on Thursday, the COVID-19 Vaccine Phase microsite ( was live and already generating thousands of sessions. Less than a day after launch, the site had been mentioned in press conferences and on NPR and received almost 50,000 visitors. Even though the site launched, the work is far from over. As new information becomes available, the site continues to be updated to meet the needs of the State and of NH citizens. On January 22nd, the site was updated to accommodate pre-registration for individuals who meet requirements.

The opportunity to help so many is truly humbling. 

The need was there, and the State listened to its citizens and acted in record time. I am so grateful that we were asked to be a part of this effort. We do a lot of amazing work, but it is work like this that truly makes me proud to be a part of this team and our community. As I write this, the site has received hundreds of thousands of visitors. Those visitors are healthcare workers, teachers, immunocompromised individuals, the elderly, friends, and family members...knowing that our efforts have provided so many people with this valuable information is truly humbling.  

Always rising to the challenge. 

It has been almost an entire year since we found ourselves at the start of this pandemic. Business practices post-pandemic seem like a lifetime ago; we adapted so quickly to keep up with the ever-changing regulations and practices that it now feels like this is how we’ve always done things. One thing this pandemic hasn’t been able to change is how our team always comes together and finds a way to solve a variety of complex problems quickly and with amazing results. I’ve always appreciated this about our team, more so now than ever before. At the core of everything we do, we are always adapting and looking for the most innovative ways to help not only our clients but our community as well. 

When we started SilverTech 25 years ago, I never envisioned that we would be contributing to such important initiatives. In addition to this most recent site launch, SilverTech has launched nine other websites for the State of New Hampshire during this global pandemic (see a few here). Now more than ever, I am so proud of the amazing work we do and the culture we have created that fosters our “never say die” attitude. No matter how late the hour, how tired we are, or how daunting the task may seem, our team always rises to every challenge and exceeds all expectations. That’s one thing this pandemic will never change!