SilverTech Welcomes Paul Creme as Vice President General Counsel

SilverTech, a marketing technology company, announces Paul Creme filling the newly created position of Vice President, General Counsel. SilverTech’s recent unprecedented growth commanded the need for internal legal guidance to oversee the strategic expansion of the company’s reach, both nationally and internationally. As SilverTech pursues potential acquisitions, Paul’s expertise in mergers and acquisitions will be an integral component of future negotiations. The addition of Paul to SilverTech’s skilled leadership group will enable the team to advance SilverTech’s goal of becoming a sought-after marketing and technology solutions provider for industries and businesses worldwide.

“2015 will be a big year for SilverTech as we broaden our ability to connect with companies we’ve never been in front of before,” said Nick Soggu, President and CEO of SilverTech. “We brought Paul on to grow our presence and find ways to cultivate new business collaborations alongside a number of internal initiatives that will strengthen our solutions offerings for these partnerships. I’m excited to have Paul here to give us real-time advice and legal direction so we can achieve our goals quickly, efficiently, and strategically.”

With over 30 years of experience practicing law, Paul will work with the senior leadership team to provide legal guidance to SilverTech’s business units and provide insight into potential corporate challenges and opportunities. Paul’s unique understanding of businesses will help the company scale its operations, as new client opportunities are unveiled through heightening SilverTech’s presence in untapped markets.

“It’s been an exciting few years for SilverTech,” said Paul. “It’s no secret that the company has a promising future ahead, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the upcoming initiatives. The team has worked hard to get here, and I love being surrounded by and collaborating with an incomparable team of smart and talented individuals. I can’t wait to work closely with Nick, Jeff, and the rest of the leadership team as we help SilverTech make a name for itself on a global playing field.”

SilverTech’s growth will also allow the company to make strategic decisions surrounding future relationships. The tactical hiring and onboarding of industry experts will continue to enhance the skills of internal teams to meet the needs of large, influential clients. Paul’s expertise will help SilverTech become a driving force amongst competitive peers as thought leaders continue to emerge from internal teams, and new, innovative marketing technology solutions are implemented and optimized.

“We came into the new year with a number of big goals for where we want to be when we start 2016,” said Jeff McPherson, SilverTech Chief Digital Officer. “Working with our new COO, Gray Chynoweth, we’ve already made so much progress in positioning ourselves in front of new companies, expanding our visibility, and strengthening existing partnerships. Paul joining the team will be another great leap forward towards obtaining our goals and taking us to the next level.”