SilverTech’s Jeff McPherson Announced as a Featured Speaker at CS Week for 2nd Consecutive Year

Jeff McPherson, was recently announced as a featured speaker at CS Week, the premier annual educational and customer service conference that serves utility professionals at electric, gas, and water/wastewater utilities across North America and around the world. This year’s conference will be McPherson’s 2nd consecutive year speaking at CS Week. He will be joined by Walter Stefy, Process Owner, Customer Experience, Pepco Holdings, Inc. for a session titled, “Shine Through Any Crisis: Digital Strategies for Effective Outage Communication.”

For 40 years now, utility professionals have come to rely on CS Week to explore high-quality technology choices, compare and measure customer service success, and review business strategies needed to unleash the full potential of utility customer service. SilverTech’s groundbreaking work with Pepco Holdings, Inc. utilizing innovative designs, technology, and customer-focused strategies has made McPherson an in-demand speaker in the utilities industry. His expertise on digital strategies that consider all aspects of the customer lifecycle make him a natural fit for a conference where the attendees are hungry for an industry agnostic perspective on what is on the horizon in customer service.

McPherson and Stefy’s presentation will be featured under the customer engagement track. They will discuss how a crisis can actually afford your organization the opportunity to demonstrate operative excellence and reassure customers that you are working on their behalf. Using Pepco Holdings, Inc. as an example, they will share how Pepco utilizes various digital strategies, partners, and systems to reach customers effectively on Pepco’s mobile application and provide live updates during outages. McPherson will also discuss tactical examples around website layout, notification methods, mobile strategies, outage map information, as well as content strategies.

SilverTech has a thorough understanding of digital customer service in utilities and knows how to build exceptional experiences that lead to customer loyalty for major brands in the industry. From our Pepco Holdings, Inc. case study:

“Our goal with the Pepco Holdings family of websites was to create a seamless, leading-edge user experience no matter which part of the site a customer, investor, or other visitor came in on. With information from three very different utilities, a non-regulated subsidiary and a publicly-traded holding company spanning 2,000 pages of content and linking to five external portals, it was a tall order. SilverTech took on this complex project, identified a customized solution to meet our goals, and executed it flawlessly. Visits to the site have increased along with the amount of time people are spending looking at content, showing that the design and strategy works.”

MaryBeth Vrees, Director of Customer Communications and Marketing at Pepco Holdings, Inc.

SilverTech’s experience with leaders in the utility field can assist you with developing the right messaging that speaks to and influences your customers. Contact us today to find out more.