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Infrastructure platforms.

Create a fully optimized, holistic digital environment through our trusted infrastructure platforms providing your ecosystem with the highest level of efficiency.

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS is a comprehensive, cloud-based hosting platform offering full-featured data that powers a site’s infrastructure. Our solution architects manipulate this platform to create a personalized and agile site with increased functionality.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a scalable, cloud-based hosting platform that we use to engage clients to quickly deploy and manage their site’s infrastructure. Our solution architects tailor specifications to meet operational demands and maximize stability and performance to provide uninterrupted access to websites.
SilverTech learned about our company, customers, and all aspects of the business, from all perspectives, by interviewing employees, conducting surveys and research, and visiting our stores. We were very impressed with the culmination of the planning and recommendations that were delivered to us at the end of the strategy phase.
Life is Good®

Client spotlight.

Nova Scotia Power

Hired for our experience in helping utility companies strategize and implement large-scale digital transformations, SilverTech agreed to work with NSP executive leadership to help fulfill a promise to customers.

From the Playbook.

UX Strategy & Design

How the EU-GDPR May Affect Your Website

In this article, we will discuss what is EU-GDPR and how it may impact every company that has a website and has customer or clients located in a country that is part of the European Union.
Development & Technology

Intro to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Long dismissed as the realm of sci-fi, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have finally arrived and their potential to disrupt every industry is quickly becoming apparent. AI is here, it is real, and it has practical marketing applications (among many others) across every industry conceivable.