Website Design and Development


Website Design and Development

SilverTech is nationally recognized for award-winning website design and development. Our large team of designers and engineers create modern, responsive websites on enterprise-level content management platforms and can integrate them seamlessly with data and other systems.

Website Design

Website Design

Our engaging and responsive website designs not only help customers emotionally connect to your brand and your story, but they also focus on usability, accessibility and delivering a frictionless online experience. 

Website Development

Website Development

With decades of experience, our engineers develop websites and implement content management solutions in a vast variety of sizes and complexities – from simple stand-alone sites to multi-site instances with third party integrations and automated workflows. 

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

All development undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process by our dedicated QA engineers who conduct functional, load and compliance testing. 

Compliance Accessibility

Compliance and Accessibility

Websites are developed and tested to comply with WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines.  In addition, SilverTech adheres to strict data security and privacy policies as required by clients in regulated industries.   

Data Systems Integration

Data and Systems Integration

SilverTech engineers and solution architects create data and workflow models, develop business logic and integrate data and third-party systems using APIs or through custom programming.  

SilverTech...identified a customized solution to meet our goals and executed it flawlessly. Visits to the site have increased along with the amount of time people are spending looking at content, showing that the design and strategy works.

Pepco Holdings, Inc.


New Hampshire Historical Society

The New Hampshire Historical Society (NHHS) came to SilverTech, Inc. to partner on a new website to vibrantly showcase portions of its collection of more than 2 million historical artifacts, documents, and photographs. The NHHS team and board members had the dream of creating a visually appealing, user-friendly experience that united their multiple ‘best of breed’ but disconnected databases. SilverTech had the expertise required to create a single, easy-to-use solution that provided an elegant experience for NHHS members and website visitors.



The Art and Science of Successful UI Design

Amazing or subpar, user interfaces exist everywhere: on websites, mobile devices, your TV, vehicles, even washing machines. If there is a user, there is a user interface. User interfaces exist entirely to perform a task and every element of the interface should exist to facilitate that task. Whenever there is a frustrated human, it’s the result of a bad interface.


ADA Compliance & Website Accessibility

In this on-demand webinar, we review the steps your organization needs to take to anticipate ADA compliance guidelines.

Download Our ADA Checklist