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Emerson Hospital.

Some of the services we provided:
  • Digital Customer Experience Strategy
  • Search and Paid Media Management
  • Content Management System Implementation 
  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

Emerson cares about connecting with patients in sickness and in health.

Homepage designs and their mobile views for the Emerson Hospital main site, Emerson Wellness Center and Emerson Urgent Care.
Resources and Find a Doctor pages.
Social media ads.

Emerson Hospital, a regional medical center headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts, partnered with us to help them solve the interesting challenge of serving their patients both when they are sick and when they are well. If you think about it, most hospitals target content and information to the sick, but then wonder why patients don’t think of them for health, wellness and fitness services. It was especially important to Emerson to stay top of mind with patients because there was a lot of competitive pressure from nearby Boston hospitals.

With multiple facilities and several websites geared both to serving the sick and those looking to stay healthy, Emerson Hospital needed to find a way to cross-promote hospital and wellness services in a way that would not be intimidating, would comply with HIPPA and strengthen the Emerson brand. 

With our knowledge of the healthcare industry, Emerson had us start out by putting together a Digital Customer Experience Strategy that mapped out the needs, behaviors and motivations of patients. We needed to understand audience behavior and patterns. Using this information, we mapped out customer journeys for all key patient segments so that we could identify gaps and capitalize on areas of opportunity. 

From there, we redesigned and developed the entire patient continuum experience in one personalized website, including a new content management system, tailored content, patient tools, and integration of marketing automation and the patient portal.  

Emerson Hospital is now synonymous with patient care and healthy living. SilverTech continues to work with Emerson to keep them constantly at the forefront of their patient’s minds, and to promote health-system service through digital marketing services that include search engine optimization, paid media advertising and web content updates.


Emerson Hospital now has a clearer vision and understanding that enhances the patient experience. This focus and redesign strategy had allowed them to be positioned above the competition, making them a priority when it comes to wellness and medical care.


72 %
Increase in website users on the Emerson Hospital site.
17 %
Increase in page views on the Emerson Hospital site.
59 %
Increase in sessions (sessions are visitors that have viewed more than one page) on the Emerson Hospital site.
97 %
Increase in website users on the Emerson Wellness Center site.
109 %
Increase in page views on the Emerson Wellness Center site.
126 %
Increase in sessions on the Emerson Wellness Center site.
20 %
Increase in website visitors on the Emerson Urgent Care site.
28 %
Increase in page views on the Emerson Urgent Care site.
18 %
Increase in sessions on the Emerson Urgent Care site.

Increase your website users by 72% like Emerson Hospital did.