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Fulton Bank.

Some of the services we provided:
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Data Architecture & Consulting
  • Design and Development on Sitecore EMS/CMS
  • Development on Sitecore Content Management System
  • Personalization & Salesforce Integration
  • On-going Digital Support

Raising the digital bar. 

Fulton main site homepage hero banner.
"Moving Fulton Forward" peek-a-boo footer call to action.
Part of Fulton Financial Advisors homepage design.
Part of Fulton Private Bank homepage design.
Fulton and SilverTech win the Sitecore Experience Award in 2018 for Best use of Personalization.
Fulton and SilverTech win the Sitecore Experience Award in 2018 for Best use of Personalization.

When we first met Fulton Bank in 2016, they had a history very similar to most established brick-and-mortar banks. They were well-loved by longtime customers who enjoyed the convenience and familiarity of going to one of Fulton’s 250 branches for their banking needs.

But, just like most banks, that story began to change as the children of those customers came along. You know the ones who were born with a smart phone in hand that seek an Amazon-like experience with any business they encounter.

Fulton knew it had to cater to the needs of this new generation of customers to compete with the ‘big bank’ brands who were starting to put a lot of focus and energy into digital – they had to get tech savvy, and fast.

Working with SilverTech, Fulton made a bold move to raise the digital bar so high that they won the highly coveted Sitecore Site of the Year award for best use of personalization. Together, we dove in headfirst to create an online experience that delivered an easy, tech-progressive, immersive online experience. One that delivered ‘next best product’ ideas, relevant promotions, and cross-sells and up-sells that were unique to the needs of individual customers. How, you may ask? With a smart use of data, successful implementation of a powerful CMS, a behind-the-curtain tested strategy and a mutually rewarding open and honest client/agency partnership.


Several hundred thousand online visitors to each month now enjoy a proactive, tech-savvy online experience that also delivers individual attention. In fact, over 53% of Fultons visitors are seeing personalized content.


54.99 %
There was a 54.99% increase in total web visitors in the first year.
65.3 %
65.30% increase in new web visitors in the first year.
41.61 %
41.61% increase in new user visits via organic search.

Increase your web visitors in the first year by 55% like Fulton Bank did.