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Jeff McPherson

Partner, Chief Digital Officer.

Jeff not only serves as a partner at SilverTech, but he also considers himself a partner to our clients. He gets his energy from meeting new people, jumping into their businesses and becoming part of their team. He thrives on quickly picking up the nuances of our clients’ various industries to offer expert strategies that will give them a competitive edge. But, more importantly, Jeff has a great reputation for driving projects and working with Fortune 500-level executive teams to get results. These days, he spends most of his time hanging around airports…not only because of how often he visits clients, but also because he has a reputation for having the worst travel luck of all time…which is why we make it a point to book any flight except the one Jeff’s on. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

More about Jeff.

Having cut his teeth during the .COM era, he has always understood he power of digital transformations for businesses. With an ability to use marketing to tell a compelling story and tech to build an enjoyable user experience, our clients have come to count on Jeff to solve some of their most challenging initiatives. Present him with a pain point and he won’t relax until he has the solution. At the agency, you’ll find Jeff rallying the SilverTech team around projects, strategies, business initiatives, and the occasional office prank.