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Important: While our offices are closed to keep our team and community safe, we are open for business and fully operational from our homes. We’re here if you need us.


William Storace

VP of Operations.

Bill is part art, part science, but all business. Since our humble beginnings, Bill has applied his business acumen to nearly every role in the agency. Bringing a level-headed and methodical approach to his work, you may not know that Bill was once an art major and a chef. These are the creative qualities, however, that balance his computer science and tech expertise to make him right at home in a digital agency environment.

More about Bill.

Bill takes pride in being able to walk in both worlds - creative and tech. Which is lucky for us as he manages teams in both areas at SilverTech. His direct reports and our clients appreciate his eye for aesthetics and the fact that he also understands the tech aspects needed to deliver an elegant user experience. For Bill, the most exciting part of his job is using his seemingly juxtaposed skillset to provide end-to-end solutions that spell success for our clients.