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The Google algorithm is changing. Will your website be lost in the search results?

4.22.15 | PressRoom

April 21 is doomsday for unfriendly mobile websites that rely upon organic search to drive traffic to their sites. Google has been delicately reminding website owners for months about its intentions to reward mobile-friendly websites through favored search results, and the update is fast approaching. Historically, algorithm changes haven’t come with nearly as much advance notice, and this particular announcement is perhaps necessary to give reputable website owners the opportunity to salvage their organic search traffic before the big day.

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Industry Spotlight

Why your organization should be considering Marketing Automation

2.17.15 | PressRoom

If you have been reading the SilverTech blog lately, you have probably heard a lot about the term Lead to Loyal. For those of you who don’t know, lead to loyal is all about getting found by potential customers, leading them through the buyer’s journey, and helping them become loyal customers.

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