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Artificial Intelligence is Everywhere

By: Kim Smith | 11/13/23

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the buzz word for 2023. Every blog, news article, ad, and social media platform mentions AI, and it is everywhere across all digital channels. How many times have you seen the initials AI today?  It is hard to believe that ChatGPT launched just over a year ago (OpenAI debuted the generative AI on November30, 2022) and it is one of the fastest-growing apps of all time. Now Microsoft, Meta, Salesforce, Hubspot and others are jumping in with their own AI solutions or integrations.

What is AI?

I know this seems like a silly question - but you would be surprised to learn that most people know very little about the AI they are using. Artificial intelligence is the science of making machines or software think like humans. The goal of AI is to do things like humans, this means it can recognize patterns, make decisions, and pass judgement.

Siri would be an example of AI that many of us have been using for years. Virtual assistants use algorithms to determine what you are asking for and try to get that information for you – but how does this work? The technology needs to perceive their environment, deal with what they perceive, solve problems, and act to achieve the desired outcomes.

Types of AI

Did you know that there are numerous types of AI? Most platforms would tell you there are 4 main types (although some may say 7). A quick Google search uncovers many others: reactive AI, deep learning, artificial superintelligence, natural language processing, limited memory, and more! This can be a bit confusing, as the AI that we are regularly interacting with is considered generative AI.

Generative AI is what we use most or what the articles we read and see are referring to. This is AI or GenAI which is the artificial intelligence that is capable of generating content such as text, images, and other media. GenAI takes its training input data and generates new data with similarities. There are numerous GenAI platforms on the market today.

Challenges of using Artificial Intelligence

I could have and maybe should have used AI to write this blog - I did not. However, I did decide to give this question to the number 1 AI app. See the results below. 

screenshot of chatGPT response









*Content from ChatGPT

This is a fairly good response from ChatGPT and I agree these are some of the key challenges.  One of the biggest challenges is the missing human element. I think a place that you should avoid using AI generated content is on social platforms – it lacks the human touch needed to reach and communicate with your audience. If you use AI generated content on social platforms or other content for that matter, be sure to edit and make it personal. I get that at times it is easier and faster to use AI and I am all for it helping us save time - since time is something we don’t have enough of these days. However, always remember to review the content and make sure your brand voice is reflected  so that your users are receiving a seamless digital experience.

Ethics of AI

One of the challenges not mentioned in ChatGPT response is the ethics. Artificial intelligence leaves the door open to plagiarism. Recently authors around the world have been discussing this since their work is being reflected in generative AI responses. Is this right?

Salesforce and Hubspot both just finished their big annual conferences – and the central topic at both events was Artificial Intelligence.  AI innovations are transforming the digital landscape, this is game-changing for all types of businesses.  At both conferences the element of trust was discussed at length.

It is vital for businesses to build trust with their customers. Ethical AI is responsible, authentic, accurate, and creditable – and these elements are part of the trust factor. If users don’t believe the information that you are giving them, they are not likely to trust your brand. This means you need to review the information that AI is giving you for accuracy before you promote the content to your customers. Be authentic and your brand will be trustworthy.

Learn More about Artificial Intelligence 

Did you know that our great partners (Progress, Kentico, Aquia, Sitecore, and others) have been using AI solutions for several years now and are implementing new generative AI solutions? Here are some of the ways AI has been impacting your day to day and it is not only or always about content. Artificial intelligence impacts the entire digital experience from marketing, design, development, strategy and more.

Want to learn more about the impact of AI? We are here to help with your questions around AI and how to use AI in your digital strategies. Contact us to learn more.



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