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Azure SQL Database Outage Disrupts Services in East US


Between 7PM ET on 03 Apr 2024 and 12:30PM ET on 04 Apr 2024, a temporary Azure outage impacted some Azure SQL Database customers.

While the exact cause and scope of the outage are still under investigation, this disruption has caused downtime for some businesses and organizations.

What We Know From Azure

According to Azure, the Azure SQL DB services were impacted. New connections to databases in the East US may have resulted in an error or timeout. Existing connections remained available to accept new requests, however if those connections were terminated and re-established, they may also have failed. 

Azure automatically failed out the US East region to mitigate the impact for any resources with a failover policy. This would include any clients on a hosting tier with disaster recovery services. Upon automatically switching back into US East, some page rendering anomalies were observed, resulting in images not displaying correctly. The SilverTech team has intervened to manually resolve any issues we have encountered or were made aware of.   

  • Region Impacted: Widespread, potentially impacting users across the country. 
  • Affected Services: Azure SQL Database. 
  • Current Status: Microsoft states that the issues currently have been resolved. 

What Is SilverTech Doing

  • Our IT team has actively monitored the situation over the last 24 hours.
  • SilverTech project managers are communicating information and updates that are provided to us from Azure to impacted customers individually.
  • SilverTech is intervening to resolve any image rendering issues that have resulted from Azure reinstating services in East US.
  • We will review the Microsoft Azure Incident Report, when available, and provide information to impacted customers.
  • As of this time, SilverTech clients are not experiencing further disruptions. 

Business Continuity

In order to ensure your business is not disrupted by future unplanned individual or wide-scale outages, it is important to have a disaster recovery plan with redundancy in place. Review detailed business continuity planning recommendations made in a previous blog post, what to do when your cloud provider goes down.  

SilverTech IT is available to work with your IT professionals to discuss or initiate disaster recovery plans and pricing.



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