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SilverTech Partners Ranked as Leaders in DXP Offering

BY: Allyson Couture | 4/13/22

Gartner Recognizes SilverTech Partners Progress Sitefinity and Kentico in Magic Quadrant Report

SilverTech’s top technology partners are named in the Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms – selectively positioned in the market by Gartner. We are pleased to have partnerships with these leading DXP providers that offer well-integrated technologies designed to elevate the digital experience across multi-experience customer journeys. The Digital Experience Platform market illustrates the demand for platforms that manage web experiences for customers, employees, and partners. This Magic Quadrant is used to distinguish DXP solution providers that best meet web, portal, mobile and other digital needs across channels. Since these platforms are not all equal, it is important to choose a DXP partner that aligns with your specific business needs. 

A Digital Experience Platform enables the creation, management, and delivery of modern, personalized digital experiences across the full customer journey. DXPs provide a suite of tools and prebuilt modules that help to create and nurture relationships in any channel and with any device. When it comes to your web platform and its future-proof adaptability, there are features and functionalities that will help keep your website refreshed and relevant. 

Most DXP’s consist of effortless integrations and operate on a cohesive technology stack that enables the composition, management delivery, and optimization across multiple customer journeys. These future-proof platforms bind together functions of multiple applications to form a seamless digital experience for your end-user. Scalable and extensible out-of-the-box templates commonly found in DXPs work to manage content, assets, and customer relationships – and use personalization and automation to make the relevant experience unique to each customer. DXPs also use insights and analytics based on multichannel user behaviors in order to recommend optimizations that will improve the overall experience and allow your business to operate proactively in the digital world. Enlighten, inform, and educate your customers in spaces they are already frequenting with the key information they may be looking for. 

SilverTech has the highest-level partnerships with technology providers found in the Leaders, Niche Players, and Challengers quarters of the quadrant. Our leading DXP solution partners – Progress and Kentico – can be found in the Niche Players category, noted to have remarkable success with a focus on smaller segments. Other SilverTech partners – Sitecore and Salesforce – can be found in the Leaders and Challengers categories, having been well positioned and perform extremely well against their current vision, and dominating in larger segments. SilverTech also has partnerships with other solution providers that continue to prove their spot in this space for industry leaders. 

Finding the Perfect Platform

At SilverTech, we work with clients to find the perfect DXP solution and partner match by understanding your needs and making sure your solution provider can orchestrate a seamless digital experience – while ensuring continuity across the full customer lifetime journey. With their ability to execute and completeness of their visions, our DXP partners understand what it means to be superior in this space and successful in the birth of your future-proof digital experience platform.  

SilverTech pairs you with the right DXP provider that will help drive your digital success through a revitalized platform, and in turn, you will be offering a complete and relevant digital experience across the entire customer journey. With 25% of the vendors evaluated in this Gartner report being powerful solution partners of SilverTech, we can help you choose your next DXP comfortably and with confidence. The combination of our experience, accreditations, and competency certifications through these partnerships and these powerhouse platforms is the perfect recipe in implementing a complete digital experience fit for your audience. It is extremely easy to overpay for features that your organization would never use – and that’s where SilverTech comes in. We work with your team to find a solution that is the perfect fit. 


Allyson Couture



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