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What You Need to Know About Google Ads & Healthcare

By: Kim Smith | 4/13/22

Staying on Top of Changing Policies

Google is the number one source of advertising online with 91% share of the global search engine market. And while healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics, doctors, and other providers can use Google’s ad network to effectively reach new and existing patients, Google also has strict policies and restrictions you must follow.  

Search ads can effectively help your brand gain exposure, especially to those audiences who have a demonstrated interest in your business or services. Besides the normal challenges of market competition and expensive keywords, there are unique challenges for healthcare that other industries do not face. 

Google advertising policies and restrictions can be complicated, to say the least. The restrictions vary by country and as well as by state within the U.S. These restrictions include terms and experimental treatments like cell and gene therapies. Google also will not allow the promotion of clinical trial recruitment. Google takes violation of these policies very seriously – and you should too! Google will suspend your account if your organization egregiously violates its policies, preventing you from running ads altogether. Here are just a few of the policies that you should be aware of: 

Search ads can effectively gain exposure and get results for healthcare advertisers. Paid search captures audiences with a demonstrated interest in your business or your services, getting results for healthcare providers. Besides the normal challenges of a high level of competition and expensive keywords, there are unique challenges for healthcare that other industries do not face.

  • Language restrictions- Google has a lengthy list of words you cannot use in your ad campaigns. Just for example, you cannot use any prescription drug terms both in your ad and landing pages.  
  • No personalized messaging or tactics – Google policies prohibit healthcare marketers from using remarketing tactics. It is Google’s way of ensuring HIPAA privacy is protected. This is a challenge since we know that remarketing tactics are the most effective way to keep your leads engaged. Talk to an experienced marketing partner, who can help you find alternatives. 
  • “Am I sick?” – Google does not want people searching to use your ad to self-diagnose. Also, be cautious that your ads do not attempt to guarantee treatment or cures. Let us leave that to the medical professionals! 

Why You Need an Expert

Google compliance is vital to being able to serve your ads, but moreover ensuring those ads are a success! That is where the expertise of a Google Partner comes in handy. SilverTech has a team of digital marketing experts who understand how to execute Google ads to drive business results.  

An expert can help you by 

  • Getting to know your audience 
  • Monitoring ad delivery, keywords, impression share, conversions, and your cost investment
  • Giving you a mobile-focused strategy
  • Increasing your revenue
  • Monitoring your competitors
  • Knowing the rules and what services and products you can promote
  • Writing ad copy that converts
  • Designing engaging and impactful display ads
  • Optimizing your landing pages
  • Ensuring your website and landing pages are also in compliance with ad policies 


Our experts know the ins and outs of Google and its policies. Unlike other agencies who may ‘set it and forget it,’ we are managing campaigns every day. Our team is also on top of the latest news coming from the tech giants – it is an obsession of ours. We also combine our experience and knowledge with insider information from our dedicated Google rep to offer you the recipe for marketing success. And most of all, we can help you navigate Google’s policies and give you peace of mind that your organization is in good standing and your marketing is being executed properly.  

The tech industry moves fast and it can be hard to keep up. Not sure how to navigate these policies or all the latest news coming from Google? Contact us to learn more.  



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