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140 Characters Can Do More than You Think – Marketing in Financial Services

by: SilverTech

In the financial services industry, it’s important to utilize social media to connect with customers and provide personalized customer interactions to nurture and build relationships. A customer’s loyalty with a brand creates more impressions on social media than in any other channel.

Go Viral

Digital marketing strategies that generate personal connections, nurture qualified leads, and develop two-way communications between customers and their financial institutions. While it may be hard to keep up with social media channels that emerge, knowing how to optimize the most-used social applications should be an integral component of your marketing strategy.

Customers use social media to perform research, compare products, read customer opinions, share experiences, and – especially in financial services — ask for advice. In an industry where personal referrals can be key, extending your social reach and visibility and encouraging consumer-generated content will help you acquire new customers, get new business, and grow revenue. The loyal, socially connected customer can make social media your biggest advocate. Help build your brand, expand your customer reach, be more findable via search, and create trust using and optimizing your social media channels.

Questions You Should Be Asking

  • Do your customers already reach out to you via social channels?
  • Who is currently managing your social media presence?
  • Does your marketing team stay up-to-date with social media best practices?
  • How many resources and how much time can your institution commit to managing social media?
  • Do you have goals for impressions, followers, clicks, and other metrics for your social media channels?
  • How does your social media strategy integrate with your content plan and overall marketing goals?
  • Do you have a plan in place for using social media to promote content from other channels?
  • What does your ideal customer look like who is using social media?
  • Do you have customer service advocates in place to respond quickly to any customer concerns that appear on social sites?

Tweet, Share, Like

If you’re trying to connect with a range of audiences and individuals, optimizing your social strategy will help you target demographics that you perhaps aren’t reaching in other channels. Managing your social identity is more than simply tweeting and sharing updates. It involves the same strategies that any other channel utilizes: best practices, knowing your audience, short-term and long-term planning, analyzing data and metrics, following through on customer service opportunities, and constantly updating output to remain competitive and modern. Embarking on a strategy requires defining your social presence, streamlining your brand messaging, leveling your tone, and remaining focused on your overall business goals and content strategy. Social channels are cluttered. Stand out by becoming a thought leader, be human, promote original content, gain trust, be engaging, and encourage two-way communication.

Success is Measured in More Than Number of Followers

Social strategies are less about advertising and more about nurturing strong relationships and driving loyal, long-term customers. Once your social efforts are coordinated with other channels and campaigns, you can use them to connect with ideal customers. You want followers and page likes, but keep in mind that attracting the right individuals will generate the best results. Know best practices, stay active, respond quickly to customers, and find out what content resonates the most. Your success will be measured in applicable data and analytics. Look at what content individuals opt to share. Analyze your followers and compare demographics with your ideal customers. See what posts generate clicks. Follow lead journeys to see who is coming from social sites. Know that the effects of your social media efforts go far beyond the hashtag, and when understood can help you better handle newsworthy events, inform audiences, become a thought leader, be recommended, and encourage solicited assistance.


SilverTech experts will help you develop your digital content strategy, establish brand standards and outline goals for all of your social content needs. Our team will help you retain your brand identity while creating relevant, organized content. We’ll show you how to deliver content to your customers and leads that will grow long-term relationships and encourage two-way communication. We can also provide you with support to keep you up-to-date on best practices and help you control and react to negative feedback. Contact us to find out more.