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6 More New Hampshire Firsts from the First in the Nation State

by: SilverTech

SilverTech is proud to be a New Hampshire-based business. We love the quality of life for our team, equal proximity to Boston and the White Mountains, and the active culture of community involvement. But every four years, one of the things we love the most about the Granite State is the First in the Nation Primary.

It is only fitting that as we enter a crazy week of candidate town hall meetings and political commercials, we pay homage to our great state and our desire to do things first. Maybe it’s our motto, but for a small state that is commonly confused with Vermont, New Hampshirites have done a lot for a population of our size.

  1. New Hampshire was the first to declare its independence from England.
    That’s right. Little ole’ New Hampshire was the first to decide that the colonies were better off on their own, spurring the political revolution. Because of this act, NH delegates were the first to vote for the Declaration of Independence, signed July 4, 1776.
  2. The first potato ever planted in the United States was sewn in Londonderry, NH.
    Though potatoes arrived in the colonies in 1621 courtesy of a lovely gift from the Governor of Bermuda, it wasn’t until 1719 that Scotch-Irish immigrants in New Hampshire established the first permanent potato patches.
  3. We invented the first alarm clock, velcro, tupperware, and Segways.
    Because we really like getting up early and we don’t like shoelaces, plastic bags, and walking.
  4. We like books so much that the first free public library was in NH (Peterborough).
    Way back in 1833, Peterborough’s Unitarian minister, Reverend Abiel Abbot proposed a “central collection of books that would be owned by the people and free to all inhabitants of the town.”
  5. Alan Shepard, a native of East Derry, was the first American in space.
    Photo credit for this famous image goes to Time Magazine photographer, Ralph Morse. Ralph’s granddaughter, Carol, is a Project Manager at SilverTech.
  6. Cannon Aerial Tramway was the first aerial passenger tramway in North America, built in 1938.
    Amazingly, by the time that first tramway was retired in 1980, it had carried almost 7 million people up the 2.1 mile trek to the top of Cannon Mountain!

After Tuesday, when the candidates and the press pack up and the town halls and meet and greets wind down, New Hampshire will go back to being the beguilingly unassuming state we love, full of pristine natural beauty, civic-minded citizenry, and innovation and technology. But, for the time being, we will continue to revel in our pioneering ways. Here’s to many more firsts!