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Are You Neglecting Your CMS – Content Management System

by: SilverTech

A content management system (CMS) is an application that allows for creation, modification and publishing of content to your website. If your website isn’t built on top of a customized, modern, easy-to-use CMS, your team is likely lagging in publishing timely, relevant content. Non-technical staff, content authors, and your marketing team should be able to manage, edit, and update pages within your website with ease, allowing your institution to drive success from both short-term and long-term content strategies.

Your Institution Already Has a CMS, But Are You Making the Most of It?

Institutions in the financial services industry are hesitant to drive marketing strategies that involve big spends and multiple resources for a number of reasons. It’s possible that you already have a content management system in place, and upgrading or implementing a new application is hard to justify. Also, your internal team may not know the benefits and ROI that your CMS could be driving. Understanding that a strategic content plan alongside an optimized CMS can have huge positive effects is an integral component of moving forward with CMS and content strategy decisions. Your CMS should allow your teams to publish timely, relevant content that targets and meets the needs and motivations of all the audiences that arrive at your site.

Questions You Should be Asking

  • How many systems are your employees currently accessing each day?
  • Do you have a content strategy in place that involves reactive, short-term, and long-term messaging?
  • Is important content for your organization stuck in disparate systems where it’s difficult to find?
  • What are your overall business needs and goals involving content?
  • What stakeholders in your organization are involved in the approvals process?
  • Do you currently have a content management system in place?
  • Which teams or individuals within your organization manages or will manage your CMS?
  • Do you have a thorough understanding of how content relates to and is used by your customers?

What It Can Do If You Do It Right

A correctly implemented and properly optimized CMS will create efficiencies in workflow and management processes. A CMS will allow you to have a better focus on your ideal customers and their individual challenges and motivations, providing them with timely, relevant, and accurate content. A content-focused strategy will drive prospects and leads to and through your website, leverage cross-selling opportunities, and target customers with specific content.

After you implement your CMS, you’ll be able to optimize, streamline, and organize content throughout your organization including your website, internal communications, emails, newsletters, and more. It will enable you to engage consistently with your prospects with relevant content across all communication channels. A CMS provides an accessible and all-inclusive solution for managing content within your financial services institution.

Good CMS Decisions Make Happy Marketers

After you make the decision that you need a new CMS or would like to upgrade your current CMS, it’s important to first consider all options available to you before making decisions. Know how much time you can spend on development, the customization that is needed, what kinds of integrations are necessary with preexisting technology, and how many resources you have available for both implementation as well as ongoing management. Your CMS will provide you with consistency, transparency, quality control, data archiving, security, search tools and automation, but only if you make the right decisions first about what software aligns best with your needs.

SilverTech Wants You to Love Your CMS

SilverTech is a certified development partner for the top content management systems in the marketplace. We specialize in filling in any technology knowledge gaps for companies that don’t have the bandwidth for specialists in the field. We’ll evaluate your current systems and help you select a system that meets your specific needs or help you optimize your system. SilverTech can implement your new CMS and customize it to your needs, can upgrade your current CMS, or help you switch from one CMS to another. We’ll show you best practices, assist you in creating a customized content strategy with a specific focus on business goals and patients, and help you create personalized content to deliver the right message to the right customer. We’ll work with you to create governance as well as integrate with all other systems. Contact us today to find out more.