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by: SilverTech

↑ This is my Headline it should grab the reader’s attention but shouldn’t be more than 55 characters (mine’s 47) and should include your keyword (mine’s blogging).

 And now for the Opening. This is my thesis statement. 3-4 sentences that lay out my argument.

With 1.8 million blog posts already published today, how are you going to make sure yours stands out? The answer is, you probably won’t. So, what do you do? Jam keywords into a nonsense click bait post. No, you follow best practices and blogging etiquette because if you write well and often about what you love, you’ll find your audience. In this post, I’ll share some tips and best practices for structure and readability that will complement your passion. Here we go!

How to Pull in Your Audience With Strong Content

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Yes, I still believe blogging is relevant and there’s room for more bloggers. It’s just important for us to follow the rules of the road so that we deliver upon the promise of what we’re offering. If a large enough percentage of the hundreds of millions of blogs out there resort to bogus blog practices like misleading titles and keyword stuffing, we’ll all lose the trust of our audiences. That doesn’t mean when writing about a dry business topic you can’t spice things up. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. I love when blog posts connect seemingly disparate elements to help drive home a point.

For example, imagine each star in the universe represents a blog and the thermonuclear fusion at the core of each star is the act of blogging. The gravitational pull of the most influential stars is so strong that it pulls in an audience of planets, proto-planets, comets, and other satellites. The best stars, like our Sun, are effective because they focus on what they are good at and give their audience the energy and gravity they need. If our Sun started worrying about the needs of exoplanets (planets outside our solar system) or decided tomorrow to accelerate its fusion to stand out more, we’d all be in a lot of trouble. No matter how hard you try or how much hydrogen you burn through, you can’t pull in every planet in the Universe. Your blog can shine brightly, if it focuses on the needs and interests of its audience. Trying to be everything to everyone can cause your star to collapse, and when a star collapses a black hole forms in its place. You don’t want to be a blogging black hole.

↓ Let’s pause for a quick, clickable soundbite. Our first CTA

Universal Blogging Best Practices

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 Here’s the 2nd content section where I’m going to deliver on my promise.

So, how do you pull an audience into your solar system and make sure they stay under the spell of your gravity? I recommend the following:

  • Don’t overthink your word count.

There’s a great deal of discussion on this point. Some feel that you need to keep your posts short and to the point, like Seth Godin and his mini posts. This is to quickly grab your reader’s attention and give them exactly what they are looking for. However, there’s certainly a time and a place for you to deliver a treatise on a topic and there’s evidence that longer content 2,000+ words ranks better with search engines. My thinking is that you need to let your topic dictate your word count.

  • 3-5% Keyword density

It’s important to keep your keywords in mind as you write and sprinkle them nicely throughout. However, always remember that you are writing for people not algorithms.

  • Singularly focused topic

Stay focused and your word count and keyword density will naturally fall into place.

↓ Finally, here’s the conclusion that ties everything back to the beginning and wraps things up with the delivery of our strong, second CTA.

The blogging universe, like the one we’re living in, is expanding. To connect, and engage with your audience you must create content with a strong gravitational pull. You do that by writing about what you know and love in a creative and structured way.