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For Auld Lang Syne and Kentico 9

by: Gina MacIntyre Software Engineer

It’s that time of the year; time to reflect on what I’m grateful for and make resolutions for the year to come. As a developer, I seek out the tools that better prepare me for not just what I have to accomplish today, but what I want to achieve tomorrow. For that, I am grateful that Kentico 9 has arrived.

As our clients accelerate their efforts to embrace digital transformation, there’s imminent cultural and political change on the horizon. It’s clear that the year ahead will be transformative. With a slew of new features and major improvements on what was already great, Kentico 9 is the CMS we need for the march of progress that lies ahead. Let’s take a look at some of the features that I see as being critical to handling the needs of this transformative age.

Continuous Integration

There’s nothing that counters progress more than tedious manual updates and duplicate efforts. Thanks to Kentico 9’s Continuous Integration, I can collaborate with my partner developers quicker and more efficiently. Now, when we work together, alternating from staging to live, we no longer have to deal with a database object on our staging database that would require us to go to the live database to make manual updates in order to ensure our changes are aligned and current. With Continuous Integration, our updates become a file that goes up with our code. When Kentico 9 sees that we have an xml file for continuous integration – it reads it, and if there are changes, it makes all of the necessary updates.

Web Farm Support

Part of embracing digital transformation is to shift thinking on a business’s digital presence. It’s no longer a representation of a physical brand, it is the brand. Therefore, the organizations that intend to scale and grow in 2016 need to ready their website for the structural pressures of increased traffic from new customers. By dynamically creating multiple instances of a site before traffic overwhelms the hosting infrastructure of the original site, Kentico 9’s Web Farm Support intelligently and seamlessly handles the stress of growth with no impact on the user experience.


If there’s anything transforming the world of developing, it’s MVC. In case you haven’t heard, it’s the bee’s knees. Already, most developers prefer to work in MVC for its clean architectural layout that greatly reduces development time. Content editors are also hailing the benefits of MVC as they can focus on content creation without having to have a technical understanding of HTML, ASP.NET, or CSS. The benefits don’t end there. MVC sites are quicker to load, and that’s one of the signals Google looks for when determining search engine ranking.


Accelerating the time to deployment has always been a driving force of Kentico. With Modularization in Kentico 9, that drive becomes a core tenet. Modularization enables developers to package components of projects that can then be reused in future projects. Though every website we create is unique, all have common elements. Modularization enables a project to start with those common elements already built.


This will be an important year; transformative, if you will. I am grateful that I have a partner in Kentico 9 and the tools to accomplish today what tomorrow needs. This is not a year to reinvent the wheel, thankfully though, Kentico 9 has broken the CMS mold.