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Hosting Miss America: Our Crowning Achievement

by: SilverTech

SilverTech has been proudly hosting the website for over a decade. During the yearly televised final competition the website gets a substantial amount of traffic, orders of magnitude over what is seen in terms of traffic levels during the rest of the year. Up to, during, and after the competition, SilverTech sets up additional infrastructure to handle anticipated traffic levels. In addition to our hosting environments at Rackspace and Microsoft Azure, we provisioned cloud servers from DigitalOcean and DNS for the domain was powered by Dyn.

During the competition this year the infrastructure powering saw peak usage of over 1Gbps (with an average of approximately 800Mbps during the televised event) and a peak of nearly nearly 4,000 requests per second. Also, the infrastructure served over 400,000 visitors, 1 million pageviews, and over 35 million hits in the 24 hours surrounding the televised event. This was achieved through the provisioning of six caching (reverse-proxy) servers located throughout the US along with two hot-spares in case there was an outage or an unexpectedly high level of traffic. Additional cloud servers could have been spun up in five minutes if needed. SilverTech has been using Varnish Cache as the caching platform for the last three years.

Feel free to reach out to SilverTech to see how we can help you ensure your website is always available and operating at peak performance.