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How to Choose the Best Website Platform (CMS) for Your Organization

by: SilverTech

Recently, SilverTech’s Marketing Manager & Principal Strategist, Samantha Maltais, got together with SilverTech’s Chief Digital Officer, Jeff McPherson, and Senior Director of Technology, Derek Barka to talk about what Marketing and IT departments should consider as they evaluate new content management system (CMS) platforms. On this episode of the Lead to Loyal™ podcast, we present highlights from that presentation.


Listen above and check out some of the topics we covered below.

Know Your Requirements as Well as Your Constraints

  • It’s important that before beginning your search that your organization has a thorough understanding of exactly what you’re looking to get out of your new CMS.
  • Before you begin your search for the perfect CMS for your organization, start out by assessing your needs.
  • Your marketers should heavily influence your CMS decision when it comes to the usability and user interface for your new system.
  • Use your developers to help assess potential systems to avoid being stuck with a bad development experience.

Evaluate your entire suite of preexisting & ideal technology applications

  • Your CMS needs to work seamlessly with all of your applications, and if it doesn’t, you’re setting yourself up for future headaches.
  • It’s imperative for you to consider your data warehouse, your marketing automation platform, your customer relationship management application, and any other technologies that you’re using before deciding on a CMS.

Do Your Research – Get to Know the Company

  • There are hundreds of content management systems on the market, but you could likely narrow your search down to a top 10 pretty quickly.
  • Knowing your needs and budget, you should be able to find systems in your wheelhouse. Start assessing pricing, functionality, and even consider third parties to help you in your search (but be careful of vendors that only promote one system).


If you are considering updating, upgrading, or switching your content management system, we’d love to talk to you about your next project. Let’s connect.