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My 5 Top, Top 5 Lists for 2016

by: SilverTech

‘Tis the season of lists and listicles. And, I’ve got to admit it, I’m a sucker for them. As well explained in the New Yorker, their inherent promise of organization and brevity just feels good on the brain and, in a world overflowing with content, makes our lives just a little easier. And, as is well demonstrated by XKCD, history would have seen important news spread faster had they rose to prominence earlier (see “1928 – This One Weird Mold Kills All Germs”).

So, in this season of lists, what could be more appropriate or self-indulgently more “meta” than drafting up my 5 top, top 5 (or 8 or 10) lists for 2016.

As my general reading habits tend toward technology, weather, the economy and news these categories made it into the top 5. Falling out of my list of lists were those I read on more niche topics, like Project Management, NostradamusPhysics, and Smoothies.

1. Top 5 2016 Predictions on Customer Experience

What really caught me on this list was how the trends it calls out on mobile CRM, IoT and (Useful) Big Data are really going to start delivering material changes to the way that we interact with companies and the people and machines that for them. It also reminded me of a great blog by Dries on the Future of the Internet, which is really all about BtoOne.

2. Top 5 2016 Winter Weather Predictions

Growing up in New England, I’ve always enjoyed the prognostication put forth in Farmer’s Almanac, so a weather lists are a must on my reading list. I enjoyed this list by The Weather Channel, because it called for a warm winter in the Northeast (I needed if after last year) and because while we all know about El Nino, learning about the Arctic and Madden-Julian Oscillation can hold my attention for a 5 count (at minimum).

3. Top 5 2016 Technology Predictions

Technology is a huge (HUGE) category for end of year lists (see these on The CloudIntegrationsHardwareApps and etc.), but this list on BetaKit sticks out for where it moved my brain on VR (meaning, beyond it) and for cementing my belief that while we may not have reached Judgement Day, cyborgs, AI and gene edited humans have arrived.

4. Top 8 Tech Trends to Watch in 2016

The folks at Harvard Business Review have also put together a solid list on tech trends. Even though it seems designed for people that work in technology but aren’t technologists don’t spend a lot of time in tech (i.e., PHBs), the discussion of algorithmic personality detection, bots, ‘glitches’, backdoors, block chain, drones, quantum computing and augmented knowledge will keep you in good stead on solid cocktail party conversation through at least Q2.

5. Top 10 2016 Food Trend Predictions

Speaking of cocktail parties, my last list is on the topic of food and drink. Given that Pinterest seems to act as inspiration for many of the amateur and professional chefs and bar-keeps I know, their list of trends is probably a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, get ready for avocado oil, brewtails and parmesan french toast.

If I missed any really great Top 5 (or 8 or 10) lists for 2016 please let me know, I’ll be making a list of them.